Why use an app?

Historically we've managed our pair rotations with sticky notes on a whiteboard, but as more and more teams adopt remote work, physical solutions become less accessible.


Smooth out your standups

Don't waste valuable time and mental space remembering who's paired together recently and discussing who they're going to pair with today. We'll keep track of your pairing history and can suggest optimal pairs so you can focus on building great products.


Break down silos

By encouraging each team member rotates through each track at least once, we can ensure we're not creating silos of knowledge, where only one or two members understand a part of the system. This also improves feelings of shared coded ownership, which leads to healthier team cultures.

Get started

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Step 1

Add pears

These are your teammates! Be sure to add anyone you'll want to pair up with; including engineers, product managers, designers, etc. We'll keep track of who has paired with whom recently so we can keep things fresh!

Step 2

Add tracks of work

Tracks of work represent a series of users stories or vertical slices of deliverable work that combine to form a full product or feature. We orient pairs around tracks of work so that we ensure one member always has context on what's been done, any work in progress, and any work remaining.

Step 3

Get suggestions

Based on overlapping pair rotations -- you'll choose a different anchor to stay on the track each day on retain context and ensure continuity. We'll recommend new pair combinations based on your team's history, optimizing for spreading context, shared ownership, and eliminating knowledge silos.

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